Gender, Education and Peacebuilding Brief, UNICEF, 2016

This brief is intended to inform policy discussions among education and peacebuilding actors on relevant gender considerations across both fields. It provides an introduction to the issues and serves as a precursor to the ‘Update Brief’ to be published 2016. The update will outline evidence generated under ‘Learning for Peace’ – the four year Peacebuilding, Education and Advocacy programme implemented in 2011–2016, in partnership between UNICEF, the Government of the Netherlands, the national governments of 14 participating countries and other key supporters.

Among the evidence reviewed for this brief, it has been found that the greater the level of gender inequality in a country, the more likely a country is to be involved in intra- and inter-state conflict. The best predictor of a state’s peacefulness, on the other hand, is how well women are treated, rather than the status of wealth, democracy, ethnicity or religious identity. Based on the Gender Equality Index, and for countries with available data, 69 per cent of armed conflicts occur in areas with severe gender inequalities.


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